Materials for Download

Easy-to-use resources for families and teachers, including commonly used terms, parent checklists and letters, and other supporting materials.

Parent Support Checklist

The IRRC is pleased to offer a Parent Support Checklist, that outlines the steps parents can take when they have concerns regarding their child’s reading performance.

White Papers from Collaborators

Family Letters for Schools

The Iowa Department of Education provides letter templates and other documents to assist with implementation of the state’s early literacy laws. The letters are intended to assist schools in communicating with families about universal screening assessments and results.

The documents begin on Page 28 of the “Early Literacy Technical Assistance Appendices” document available here

ELL Facilitation Guides

Graphic Organizers


Key Terms

Click here to view a glossary of important terms and definitions.

Administration Guides for Educators

Pronunciation Guides for Assessment Administration and Scoring:

IHE Webinars

Please email if you would like a link to the archived webinar.

Date Presented
Connor Hood
Refresher IHE TIER
Sally Huddle, Connor Hood
Refresher IHE TIER
Sally Huddle
Updates on Summer Literacy Summit and Explicit Instruction
Sally Huddle, Sara McInerny
Updated on ISRP
Sally Huddle
Military and Veterans Family Assistance
Amy Hutchison, Lindsay Woodward
Integrating Technology
Renita Schmidt, Amada Thein
Strong Girls Read Strong Books
Gwen Marra
Dialogic Reading