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  • Click the above image to check out the new parent checklist created by the Iowa Reading Research Center to provide steps to follow when you have concerns about your child's reading performance.

  • Click the above image to go to our 'Latest News' section where you can access the Executive Summary and FULL report as well as the Press Release.

  • Find tools and resources to keep your child or student engaged in reading. Available reading strategies and summer reading resources help children stay on track and progress their skill level all year long.

  • Learn about Iowa’s universal screening practices that help identify struggling readers in the classroom and put solutions in place to help children achieve their reading goals.

  • Welcome to Iowa’s online reading research center. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or someone who’s invested in the proficiency of Iowa’s young readers, we encourage you to browse through our resources to find working strategies and methods for literacy development.

  • Encourage early language development in toddlers and infants with resources from state and national organizations.